Fried Bologna Sandwiches ~ Be a kid again...but with an adult twist

Fried Bologna Sandwiches ~ Using fat-free or low-fat bologna is one way to still enjoy this retro sandwich favorite ~ for the kid in all of us:)

Martha, my friend whom I've known almost my entire life, was looking at my blog the other day.  She mentioned that she was surprised (tongue-in-cheek, I'm sure) that I hadn't written about one of our favorite meals that we'd cook & eat together when we where kids.   You know, she was right.  What was I thinking?  I decided to get right on it & write about one of the first meals I learned to make when I was allowed to use the stove on my own.  This is a lunchtime meal that we made together when we were kids ~ Fried Bologna Sandwiches.  Cheap & cheerful food from the 70's.   OK, time to indulge my inner kid & enjoy this classic, old-style lunchtime treat once again.  (she also mentioned eating SPAM, but I won't go there again... for anyone :)

Looking back, bologna was a staple from my childhood & probably was for many others, too.  It was a common lunch meat in a school lunchbox & was always available in our icebox (as we used to call it then).   We never counted calories or fat grams in the old days, we just ate whatever was available.  When I was old enough to use the stove & make hot food for myself, I always got a kick out of throwing the slice of bologna straight into the hot pan.  The bologna would bubble & curl up & you'd have to mash it down to get it to fit into the sandwich.  If I was feeling grownup, I'd cut the bologna slice with a 'X', leaving the middle intact, (so it wouldn't curl up) heat it up in the pan & then just slide the perfectly cooked lunch meat onto my bread.  Now that I think about it, I probably cooked it the grownup way when Grandma Bunni was around & the more rustic, kid way, when no one was looking.  Sounds just like something a kid would do, doesn't it?  :)

Of course, way back then, we used good ol' full of fat bologna, butter & regular mayo ~ but that was then & this is now.  So, I'm making my own healthier adult version ~ otherwise I'd never let this sandwich pass my lips again.  It's a splurge, I don't usually eat a lot of processed deli meats, but sometimes you just need to relive the past & live a little.  Sounds just like something a grownup would say & do, doesn't it?  heehee.  With this new version, I can once again be a kid enjoying her Fried Bologna Sandwich.  Thanks for the inspiration, Martha!  Care to join me in the kitchen?   :)

Be a kid again, but with an eye toward lower cal enjoyment!  Tastes & smells like I remember it.  :)   Going lower cal works for me!

Fried Bologna Sandwich ~ (the adult version) ~ Low-fat, Low-cal & Low-carb

  • fat free bologna or low fat bologna ~ as many slices as you like, to make as many sandwiches as you want
  • low-carb bread ~ like Healthy Life Bread ~ 2 slices per sandwich
  • low-fat or fat-free mayo (optional)
  • low-cal margarine (optional)
  • yellow mustard  (optional)
  • salt & pepper, to taste (optional)
  • Butter Flavored Pam cooking spray

Spray skillet with Butter Flavored Pam & heat to medium.

Prepare the bread, 2 slices per sandwich ~ by spreading it with any combo of the following that you like ~ mayo, margarine and/or mustard.

Prepare the bologna ~ Cut an 'X' on each bologna slice , leaving the middle intact OR just throw the slices in & let them bubble up as they will.  (it's OK, no one is watching, :)

Throw in as many slices of bologna as your little heart desires, or that will fit into the skillet. (it's OK, no one is watching  :)

When both sides of the slice(s) are good & hot and starting to get a little color, (they don't get as much color as the full fat version, since they are so low fat) take them out of the pan & put them on the prepared bread.  (if you'd like to have a Grilled Fried Bologna Sandwich, spread a little margarine on both sides of the completed sandwich & finish it in the same skillet ~ just like you would a grilled cheese sandwich)  Add some salt or pepper, if you are so inclined.

Serve the sandwich with an ice cold glass of skim milk & your favorite lower cal chips. (or an ice cold glass of regular milk & the full calorie chips ~ it's OK, no one is watching & I won't tell :)    heehee         Enjoy!

Updated 11/27/2012 ~ 
Robin, a reader of the blog, posted a comment sharing her memory of eating her bologna sandwich with ketchup & mustard, like a hot dog.  Very cool!  I just ran into my kitchen & made myself one - one 1/2 on soft bread & one 1/2 on toasted.   Soft Bread = Hot Dog   and   Toasted Bread = Corn Dog ~ YUM!!

 Robin, thanks so much for sharing your childhood memory.  My son will be getting one of these when he gets home from school today!  


  1. Funny we never made fried bologna sandwiches quite like this. We had ours inside our grilled cheese instead of ham lol
    I haven't had a grilled bologna and cheese sandwich in years!!! I think I might have to indulge in an adult version of that soon!!! Thanks for reminding me!!!
    Kim n Crew

    1. Thanks for stopping by & commenting! So nice to see someone else remembers eating these, too. :) It was a real trip down memory lane, I was so glad my girlfriend remembered & brought it up. Funny how you forget about these kind of 'kid' meals. Hope you enjoy your adult version as much as I did mine! Here's to indulging the kid in all of us! :).

  2. It was fun to read about this childhood memory of yours. Not sure why but my mom always gave us our bologna cold. I always put ketchup and mustard on mine cause to me it was just a cold hot dog!

    1. Robin ~ That is brilliant! LOVE that story!! After reading your comment, I ran into the kitchen & tried that myself. LOVE IT! I also toasted 1/2 & to me, it reminds me of a corndog. Will have to try it fried, too.

      Thanks so much for sharing your childhood memory! My son will be getting one of these when he gets home from school today. I just added the picture of your version to the post. :) Thanks so much for stopping by & commenting. You've made my day ~ Cheers!

  3. My husband and I enjoy these at LEAST once a year. We both made them the same way -- can you imagine asking your spouse: honey, how did YOU make a bologna sandwich? Well, he asked me, and we knew once again we are perfect for each other. (We fell immediately in love when we realized we each like: green pepperoni, fungi & fish on our pizza. Translation: green pepper, pepperoni, mushrooms and anchovies. If you don't like the sound of it, good, leaves more anchovies for hunny and me!) This sounds like it's been at least six months!

    1. Hi Tere!
      It is so nice to hear that others like to indulge in bologna sandwiches, too! It does sound like you & your husband were made for each other, lucky you!

      You are right, it has been over 6 months since my last bologna sandwich... Thanks for reminding me that it's time to make another! :) Cheers!


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