Quick Sautéed Tempeh & Sweet Potato ~ Meatless Monday

I wanted a quick meal, so I turned to both the microwave and the stove...and to both the pantry and the fridge.  Out of the pantry came the canned green beans and the gravy mix.  Out of the fridge came the tempeh and the sweet potato.  The sweet potato got nuked and the gravy got hot water.  On the stove, the green beans got heated and the tempeh got sliced into thin-ish planks, then sautéed in a little EVOO.

A little cinnamon was sprinkled on the sweet potato. One of my favorite spice blends was added to the tempeh as it was turning all golden brown.  Then the tempeh got the gravy treatment and a few French's fried onions added on top ~ just for good measure.  It took less than 10 minutes to throw it all together...and it turned out really tasty and satisfying.  When I say I want a quick meal, I mean it!  Sometimes, mixing fresh and canned items helps me out in the quick meal department...and that's always a good thing.  :) 

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