Homemade Minion Cake & Cupcakes ~ making a birthday fun!

Our friends, Cheryl & Bill, recently baked up some Minion birthday fun for their grandson's big day.  To help make his birthday cake extra-special, they searched for inspiration on Pinterest, as so many of us do, looking at all the different varieties of Minion cupcakes & Minion sheet cakes that other families have made.  They decided to make lots & lots of Minions, both big & small. I just love the adorable homemade treats they came up with.

Thank you so much for sharing your Minions with us ~ we really enjoyed them!!  You guys ROCK!  :)

To make the Minion cake they:  trimmed up one end of a sheet cake to get the correct Minion shape.  Cut the 'nose & bushy eyebrows' off of a pair of silly kids party glasses to make the perfect, easy to use goggles.  Peanut Butter Cup buttons, colored icing & licorice whips helped finish off this Minion cutie.

To make these Minion cupcake cuties they used:  Confetti cake/cupcake mix, topped with leftover blue icing from the cake above. Then they stuck 1/2 a cut Twinkie on top of the icing & created the Minion with ~ bits of cut black licorice whip for their hair 'stubble & some bought 'candy eyes' that they attached with a bit of chocolate icing to create their goggled look.  So adorable!

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