Spicy Mexican Egg Beaters Omelet ~ Meatless Monday

Sometimes I like to buy Egg Beaters.  When I do, I like to make quick omelets with them ~ just shake, pour and cook.  (I'm not a fan of them scrambled, blah!...but I do enjoy them in omelets)  If I'm really hungry and in a rush to eat, I don't do anything too fancy.  I just pour the 'eggs' into a heated/Pam sprayed omelet pan and swirl.  When the Egg Beaters are starting to set up, I'll add a slice of Borden Fat Free Pepper Jack sliced cheese (I'm really liking this brand right now) and add some fresh or dried cilantro (depending on what's around) and a Mexican spice blend sprinkled on top.  When the cheese is starting to melt and the eggs are set, it's time to eat.  When the omelet is folded and on the plate, I'll top it with some salsa, add a bit more cilantro.  To finish it off I'll often add a slice of toast to the side and breakfast is served.  Start to finish, ready to eat in about 5 minutes.  Not enough time for more than a bowl of cereal in the morning you say?  Yeah...nope.  Not buying it, at least not in my house.  I can have it done in the time it takes to make my morning tea...and that's a good thing.  :)


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