Grilled Cheese-Potato Chip Sandwich ~ Meatless Monday

My son is really into the Disney cable show ~ Pair of Kings.  So much so, that he asked me to make one of the meals that was served one night to the teenaged, King Boomer.  It was a grilled cheese sandwich that had potato chips nestled inside.  OK.  Simple enough to do and it made my kid excited to eat his meatless dinner ~ Nice!

This really needs no recipe ~ just make a grilled cheese sandwich like you normally do, but before you put the two slices of bread together...slip some of your favorite potato chips into the middle.  J likes a thicker ruffle potato chip, I'm partial to a thinner, Lay's classic potato chip.  Anyway you make it, expect a meal fit for a kid king...or a pair of them.   :) 


  1. My pregnant heart just skipped a beat! This actually sounds amazing!!!


    1. Hi Jen!

      Your comment cracked me up!! I so remember those days. Lay's Classic Potato Chips (the one in the yellow bag) was one of my pregnancy cravings, couldn't get enough of their thin, crispy goodness. Thanks for making me smile! Hope you like it as much as we do. :)


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