Oven Roasted Mahi-Mahi

I bought some frozen mahi-mahi at Trader Joe's recently.  It was a package full of chunks of 'ends & pieces'.  The price was about 1/3 less than the regular fillets, and the chunks were really quite big, so I bought a package.  I followed the directions they provided, oven roasting the fish from the frozen state.  I also added a layer of sliced white onions to the bottom of the pan.  The fish came out firm, with a very mild taste.  I served it with some of my neighbor's homegrown green beans and yellow mini heirloom tomatoes, simply cooked with some yellow squash and a side of rice.

I really enjoyed it, but my guys were not as impressed as I was.  I'll make the mahi-mahi chunks again, but next time I think I'll create a flavorful marinate for the fish and will also up the flavor with some more herbs/spices.  Or, maybe I'll even try making them as fish kabobs.  Why not?  The time for summertime BBQ'ing isn't over yet and I've got a bag of briquettes just begging to be used!  :)

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