Eating on The Overnight Diet ~ my one week diet update

Grilled Tuna with Edamame & Oriental Veggies ~ Using my George Foreman Grill made this meal extra easy to make.

Egg Beater Omelet w/Veggie Chorizo
Well, it's been one week since I said I was going to try The Overnight Diet ~ here is my post from last week where I talked about trying it.  This is my verdict on The Overnight Diet ~ I think the variety of the food is fine, lots to choose from, no sense of deprivation and having a 200 calorie 'treat' once a day was nice.  Here are some of the meals I've enjoyed last week, making them up using the food guidelines.  The meals were easy to make and there is enough variety to keep you interested...

Sautéed Spinach with Walnuts

Steak & Spinach Salad
But, I've got to say, I only lost 2 pounds. Completely respectable as far as dieting goes and if I were to keep up with it over a few weeks, assuming I continue to have the same results, I'll arrive at my goal.  But I must say, The Overnight Diet (at least for me) did not have the 'lose it quick' potential that was mentioned in the Woman's World article that I was hoping for.  

When I did the Fat Flush Plan diet in the past, I lost 8 pounds in 10 days, so that diet does (at least for me) give me the ~ Wow! ~ factor I was looking for.  All that being said, the Fat Flush Plan diet does have much stricter diet/food guidelines, but for me, that works better for my body type and I get the fast results I'm looking for.  So, now I'm back to my old stand-by, the Fat Flush Plan way of eating for the next few weeks, gotta get ready for that beach vacation!  Hope you enjoyed my little diet experiment, I had fun doing it and reporting back on the blog.  :)

Chicken Tenders with Sweet Potato & Steamed Spinach

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