Sweetheart Apple-Caramel Cupcakes

Sweetheart Apple-Caramel Cupcakes ~  Super quick & easy, made from a box of Duncan Hines Decadent Apple Caramel Cake Mix.  Perfect for any occasion, but really pretty when dolled up for Valentine's Day!

Today, when Roy and I returned from a pre-Valentine's Day lunch date, we found a sweet surprise waiting for us on our front porch.  Our dear family friend, Dick, had brought over a plate full of Sweetheart Apple-Caramel Cupcakes! (that's my name for them, since he is such a sweetheart!)

I called to thank him and to get his recipe.  He told me he just followed the cupcake instructions on the back of the box of Duncan Hines ~ Decadent Apple Caramel Cake Mix.  He topped it with some Duncan Hines glaze, red sprinkles and hearts.  Too easy!  He's made the cake before and thought it would be good as a cupcake, so he thought he'd try it.  We're so glad he did!!!  The apple-caramel filling makes a little, ooey-gooey treasure surprise in the middle ~ so perfect.  We all loved it!  Thank you, Dick.  What a lovely way to start our Valentine's Day!  Happy Valentine's Day to you, too!

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