Light as a Feather Lemon Cookies ~ recipe from the South Beach Diet Cookbook

I picked up a copy of the South Beach Diet Cookbook at Goodwill the other day.  I was drawn to the lemon cookie recipe since I've got some Meyer Lemons, sitting in my fridge, just begging to be turned into tasty treats.

So, I made the Light as a Feather Lemon Cookies.  They were OK, but, not my favorite lemon cookie that I've ever made.  They just weren't 'lemony' enough for my tastes.  I added some pureed Meyer Lemon peel to the cookie dough, to help boost the lemon flavor.  The cookies were well received, but, I'm still on the lookout for another lemon cookie that really rocks my world.   If anyone has a favorite lemon cookie recipe they'd like to share, I'd love to hear from you!  To view the South Beach Diet lemon cookie recipe, just click ~ HERE


  1. Vicki ... Lemon is delightful and they look heavenly !!! I came across a Lemon cookie recipe on Pinterest I will look up for you.

  2. Found it; here it is Vicki,

  3. Yeah, 1 T lemon juice is just not enough to cut it in my book. I would try subbing lemon puree for some of the margarine (maybe 2 T worth?) and see how that treats you! Or just add more lemon juice and more flour.

    1. I'm such a lemonhead, I just had to try the recipe, even though the recipe looked like it was a bit light in the the lemon flavor dept. I did add some Pureed Meyer Lemon rind, but even that was not enough for me. Still searching for my ultimate lemon cookie recipe. :)


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