White Tiger Zebra Cake ~ and other goodies baking in Jennifer's Kitchen ~ Guest Cook Post

I've mentioned my friend, Jennifer, on the blog before.  She is one of the reasons I've got this blog.  It was one innocent comment from her that started it all... BACK STORY ~  When I started posting my dinner photos on my Facebook page, she said one of the meals looked pretty good & would I share the recipe, so I did.  Well, that day in April 2011 - the blogging seed was planted, but I didn't know it yet.  It took me until December 2011 to actually get the blog going, and I've never looked back.  What a quick year it has been!  Here are the very early meal photos, that started it all.   OK, Back Story finished... on with the post. :)

A while back, Jennifer called to tell me about a really cool cake she was baking for her son's 6th birthday.   She was making a ~ Zebra Cake, with a White Tiger theme.  Cool!!  How she explained it to me sounded pretty neat, so I asked her to send me some photos of her making the cake & links for the recipes she used.  Here is what she sent.  I think my son would get a kick out of making this type of cake and it would be a fun baking project for when the winter weather keeps us inside.

So, here are Jennifer's comments on how she created her really cool ~ White Tiger Zebra Cake...

Zebra Cake recipe adapted from here.

- But I added a little sour cream for moisture since my test run came out a little dry.
- Used half kefir/half milk since I like that slight twang it gives.  Plus it's a natural leavener.

Frosting ~ recipe came from the Martha Stewart Coconut Buttercream recipe.
- Didn't use coconut extract but rather added toasted coconut in the filling between the cake with this frosting.  And left it vanilla for the outside of the cake.

Bought the black and orange fondant ~ SatinIce Fondant

 ~ it's tastier than other fondant I've used.

When you slice the cake it does look like zebra stripes and it's not hard to do.  It's visually appealing!

Here are some other tasty treats that have come from Jennifer's Kitchen...

Summertime Peach Ice Cream ~ Jennifer says ~ I tried this since it was so kid friendly and easy.  Not bad.  Not to die for but wow was it easy and quick.  And of course if I didn't have my little helpers, it would have overflowed...

Triple Chocolate Brownies

Jen ~ I thought it would be fitting to end 2012 with a post sharing the goodies from your kitchen since it was a comment from you that got me started sharing recipes for my photos, first on Facebook and now on this blog.  Thanks a million!  (or, should I say just under 1.3 million (pageviews) ~ not too bad for my first year as a blogger :)

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