Steampunk Fantasy Cakes ~ Beth's Cake Creations ~ Guest Post

My friend, Beth, is an Artisan Cake Decorator & makes fantastic cake creations.  My favorite cake of hers has to be a fantasy Steampunk cake that she did.  I am just amazed at the beauty, intricacy & detail that is displayed on this cake.  I would have been over-the-moon if this cake was presented to me.  That was one lucky person who got to celebrate their big day with a cake such as this!

Above is a fun clip from the TV show Castle, an episode called ~ Punked.  This is were I first heard about Steampunk,  It sure was an entertaining way to get a little glimpse into the Victorian romance & 'sheer super coolness' of this sub-culture.  Hope you enjoy the all the pictures of the cake and the video as much as I do.  :)

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