Easy Chicken and Dumplings

Easy Chicken and Dumplings ~ Doctoring up a can of Campbell's Chunky Chicken & Dumpling Soup makes short work of this meal.  Bisquick dumplings top this comforting & quickly made family favorite.

Sometimes Roy makes dinner & one of my favorites of his is ~ Chicken & Dumplings.  Roy made this for me when we were first dating & I fell in love with how simple it is.

He starts out with a can of Campbell's Chunky Chicken & Dumplings Soup & then doctors it up.  Usually, he adds ~ 2 cups of leftover chopped chicken, 2 cups of mixed frozen veggies, about 2 or 3 cups of chicken broth & a can of diced potatoes, drained.  He heats it all up until the frozen veggies are warmed through, then he adds a few herbs/spices & tops it all with a double batch of Bisquick dumplings (made/cooked per the recipe/instructions for making dumplings that's on the Bisquick box).  After it all simmers together for about 20 minutes ~ first, without the lid on & then with the lid on ~ we've got a satisfying meal that is perfect for the end of a crisp, autumn day. 

For another easy version of Chicken & Dumplings, check out the recipe from over on the Betty Crocker website.

Sometimes it takes a bachelor to come up with an easy spin on a traditional homestyle dish.  Fine by me, I like handing over the reins to the kitchen from time to time.  :)

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