Cupcakes ~ Beth's Cake Creations ~ Guest Post

When I was a young girl, I was horse CRAZY!  I would have LOVED to have had these cupcakes at my birthday party!! 

Today's ~ Guest Post ~ features my good friend, Beth.  She is a very talented Artisan Cake Decorator and creates the most beautifully detailed, creative cakes & cupcakes that I have ever seen.  I was so taken with the photos that she showed me, I begged her (really, I did :) to let me post them on my blog.  Lucky for me (& for you), she has graciously allowed me to showcase some of her delectable, incredible, edible custom creations that she sculpts & designs by hand.    

I just want to reach right through the computer screen & grab one of these cupcakes & devour it ~ right now.   I can almost smell their sweet aroma &  taste that sinfully delicious, buttercream frosting...  :)

She has creatively styled many different cakes & cupcakes, so I am going to do several posts over the next few weeks, grouping the cakes & cupcakes by occasions. 

These are such a playful cupcake, I think they would have been fun at a Kentucky Derby Party.  I can just see it  now ~ Gals in hats, mint juleps in hand & a cupcake at our lips...  :)

So, keep on the lookout for more Guest Posts showcasing additional photos of Beth's incredible, edible cakes & cupcakes designed for ~ baby showers, baby/kids birthdays, adult birthday/special occasions and my absolute favorite cake of hers ~~~ a stunningly creative, exceptionally unique ~ STEAMPUNK CAKE!!  It blew my mind when I saw the photos of it.  All I can say is ~ WOW!!  ((I discovered the whole Steampunk subculture while watching an episode of Castle called 'Punked'.  Nathan Fillion was just so cute in that getup, I was instantly smitten & hooked from there on out.  To see a cake celebrating the Steampunk style was awesome.  Whoever that cake was for, was one very, lucky person!))

I hope you will be as enchanted with ~ Beth's Cake Creations ~ Guest Posts as I know I'll be setting them up.  Beth said she will let me in on some of her secrets to doctoring up regular box cake mixes, so I can try improving my cake making skills.  I'll be including those tips in the upcoming Guest Posts, too.  I'm so looking forward to seeing what tricks she has up her sleeves.  I'm all for learning things that will help me become a more confident cake maker.  As I've said before, I'm a challenged baker, I can do a few things well, but I'm always ready to learn more & get better at that part of creating in the kitchen.  I think I've found my mentor, wouldn't you agree?  Thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures, Beth!!  Until next time!  :)

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