Kale & Cabbage Soup ~ a Fat Flush Plan Friendly Soup

What started out as one soup quickly morphed into something else entirely.  For this Kale & Cabbage Soup, I took the best bits of recipe/ingredients from the book French Women Don't Get Fat, the book/site Fat Flush Plan Diet & the blog, Washington's Green Grocer & I turned it into a really tasty pot of soup that was full of good-for-you veggies & protein.

I recently saw a post from a site that I follow on Pinterest ~ Washington's Green Grocer ~ it was for a recipe for Last Ditch Soup.  Any soup that claims to help with the battle of the bulge always catches my attention.   I had all the ingredients that the recipe called for, so I decided to give it a try.  As I was chopping the veggies for the recipe, I thought the soup kinda/sorta sounded like amped up versions of the Magical Leek Soup & the Basic Vegetable Soup from the book French Women Don't Get Fat.  ((to see the post I've done about the Basic Vegetable Soup & the book go here))  It also reminded me of recipes I've seen over on the Fat Flush Plan Facebook page.  ((check out my success with eating this way, over on my blog page here))  I decided to mix bits & pieces of all those recipes together & I came up with this soup.  

Basic Last Ditch Soup ingredients...before I started tinkering with it.

Some of the changes I did to the original Washington's Green Grocer, Last Ditch Soup recipe ~ I added a big bottle of low sodium tomato/V8 juice instead of water when making the soup, I added more spices/gave it more of a chili flavor & I also added a pound of lean, ground turkey breast.  These changes made for a filling (but not heavy) soup that was low carb, low cal & low fat ~ just what I was looking for.  Plus, making this soup helped me clean out my fridge.  What a bonus ~ I'd call that a total win-win situation.  Score!!  :)


  1. where's the recipe?

    1. Click on the blue words/link that says 'recipe for ~ Last Ditch Soup'. The basic recipe for the soup is over at Washington's Green Grocer site.

      I wrote down what changes I made to their soup, so there is no actual 'recipe' for my post, only the notes. Just look at the last paragraph, after the photo, and you'll see what tinkering I did. Happy cooking ~ Cheers!


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