Easy July 4th Trifle

July 4th Trifle ~ I made this quick & easy trifle in minutes.  It's a free-form version of the traditional layered English Sherry Trifle, but with an American twist.  Malibu Coconut Rum gives this trifle just the right 'summer of fun' flavor, blue jello looks so cool (it always makes me smile), strawberry jam adds a sweet taste, and the fresh blueberries & vanilla pudding  round out the dessert.  It all comes together in a kaleidoscope of color & tastes that really works.  Since you make/layer this dessert right in the glass you are serving it in, you can make as many ~ or as few ~ as you like.
I felt like having a trifle for dessert tonight, but didn't have the traditional ingredients in the house & didn't feel like running out to the store.  I decided to just made do with what I had in the pantry & fridge.  I came up with a quick & easy spin on a traditional trifle, that was ready in minutes & was a real treat.

I split a strawberry sponge cake cup in half, spread it with strawberry jam, cut it into chunks & placed part of it in the bottom of a pretty wine glass.  I drizzled it with Malibu Coconut Rum & then began layering it with ~ blue jello, vanilla pudding, (from a pudding cup, told you I used what was in the pantry :) & fresh blueberries.  I layered it again, the same way & gave the trifle another healthy shot of the coconut rum, topping it off with a bit of whipped cream.  It turned out marvelous!  Just what I wanted.  Creative cooking, on the fly.  :)   Hope you all have a fun-filled Fourth of July!

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