Poor Man's Lobster ~ Cooking with Cod

Poor Man's Lobster ~ served with melted Lemon Butter
I was feeling a bit nostalgic today & decided to go through some old family cookbooks.  While I was going through one of Grandma Bunni's old cookbooks, I came across a time worn, tattered & torn, clipped newspaper recipe for ~ 'Poor Man's Lobster'.

I remember her making that for us when I was young.  I always loved lobster as a kid, but when we had it, it was only ordered at The Castaway Restaurant & then only on very special occasions.  Since she knew how much I liked it, she would sometimes make her 'special lobster' for us ~ aka 'Poor Man's Lobster' ~ at home, using cod.  We were kids, we didn't know any better.  She would put the lobster/fish on a big plate, with a big saucer of melted lemon butter & away we'd go.  Happy as clams, we were! (excuse the pun)  Dipping the 'lobster' in melted lemon butter was always half the fun anyway.  We were happy, her pocketbook was happy & life was good.

I just so happened to have bought a few pounds of cod (on sale) the other day ~ I'd call that serendipity.  I also called that today's lunch.  It was a blast from the past having 'Poor Man's Lobster' again.  I'll have to make it soon for J.  Maybe one day he will find the recipe, just like I did & hopefully, he'll remember it as fondly as I do...  :)

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