Healthy Banana Split ~ for breakfast or dessert, this glammed up cottage cheese & fresh fruit is my kinda food

Healthy Banana Split
They had fresh blueberries & strawberries on sale at the market last week.  I bought a bunch. (ha, no pun intended)  So, I was on the lookout for some inspired ways to eat them.  I remembered a photo I saw on Pinterest & off I went to find it.

Here is the happy result.  A unique version of a Banana Split that is actually healthy for you since it replaces ice cream with cottage cheese.  I know that sounds boring, but hang with me, I promise it is worth it.

I gotta say, due to the texture, trying to get J to eat cottage cheese is a challenge - so, I sweetened it up a bit with some honey.  I topped the banana & cottage cheese with thinned out strawberry jam for the 'sauce', walnuts bits, a sprinkle of flax seeds & my fresh berries. One word, YUM!

Presentation is everything, especially with a Banana Split.  It is amazing that you can change how you assemble a dish & the whole mood of the food changes.  This went from a boring bowl of cottage cheese & fruit to a Banana Split - just by the way it was presented.  I had to improvise the bowl, but the end result had J begging to eat it - for breakfast & he wanted it again for dessert.  I agree with him, we should eat this often for dessert.  It certainly is healthier for you & it satisfies the 'dessert monster' the lurks around the kitchen table after the dinner dishes have been put in the sink, plus J enjoys assembling his own Dessert Banana Split.  Good for you, fun to make & fun to eat.  That's the Holy Grail as far a getting kids to eat is concerned.  And I think it really is tasty/pretty enough for guests of any age, what ever time of day you decide to serve it.

As a matter of fact, it is breakfast time right now.  Excuse my while I go have a Banana Split for breakfast.  That sounds like such a kid thing to say... care to join me? 

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