Italian Baked Tuna

When I made this ~ Italian Baked Tuna ~ I didn't actually have a recipe, I just kept digging through the fridge/pantry, looking for toppings that sounded good, and kept layering ingredients until I felt like it was complete.  I started with the tuna on the bottom, and then added some ~ crushed fire-roasted tomatoes, capers, dried basil/oregano/garlic, chopped onion, sliced celery/green olives. Once it was all finished, I realized I'd created an Italian-flavored 'sauce'!  I baked the tuna steak according to the package directions and in about 10 minutes it was done.  I nuked a variety veggies while the fish was cooking.  It was a really tasty, low carb, Fat Flush Plan-friendly meal, all without any fuss.  I just love happy accidents!

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