Bloody Caesar ~ the perfect way to toast ~ The Ides of March

Bloody Caesar ~ the perfect cocktail to enjoy on The Ides of March!

Today is March 15th, aka The Ides of March.  Today is the day I traditionally consume something with the name 'Caesar' in it.  Today, instead of making/ordering something for lunch named Caesar, I decided I'd rather drink an adult beverage called a ~ Bloody Caesar ~ just to shake things up a bit.  It's similar to a Bloody Mary...but with a beachy attitude.   Some Bloody Caesar recipes are a Clamato juice version, and others a mix of tomato juice and clam juice version, and there are even vegan versions and bacon vodka versions ~ just pick your poison.  After learning about what happened to Caesar, on The Ides of March, that drink is aptly named, I must say.   I was first introduced to this cocktail a couple of years ago, by my dear, old friend, Captain Rick.  It was in a little bar I used to frequent, waaaay back when I used to live/work in Port St. Lucie, Florida, in a place known as Club Med Sandpiper Bay. (you can see my Sandpiper Bay reunion post here)  Ya gotta love foodie friends who will share their favorite foods and drinks with you.   Now, you will have to excuse me, it's brunch time...and time to get this party started.  See ya at the next reunion, Capt'n!   :)

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