Pozole ~ Mexican Pork & Hominy Soup

I was cleaning out the fridge and freezer the other day and cooked up a hearty and soul-satisfying soup with what I had lurking about, one that my Mexican-food-loving-self just adores ~ Pozole.  I don't have a standard recipe for this classic pork and hominy soup, (but here is one that sounds good) I always wing it, I start out with the basics and then add-on as inspired.  This time I added in a can of black beans, used some homegrown  green chilies that I roasted and froze at the end of last summer, some Trader Joe's roasted corn , a huge can of diced tomatoes and a few other goodies.  I topped it some crushed tortilla chips (the last remnants at the bottom of the chip bag) and enjoyed eating it for a few days.  We've been having really cool weather lately.  I know it's almost summer, but some days it feels more like late winter here.  Maybe I should just hop on a plane and head south of the border for some warmer summer weather.  Get me some surf, sand, sun and cervezas ~ sounds like a plan to me!   Olé  :)


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