Homespun Christmas Holiday Cupcakes ~ Beth's Cake Creations ~ Guest Post

The day after Thanksgiving is the day I start getting my Christmas Spirit on.  Out come the boxes of Christmas decorations & up goes the Christmas tree.  When you have a Christmas-happy kid, the sooner the better, as far as he is concerned.  So, I thought this would be a perfect time to share some holiday cupcakes, created in the kitchen of my friend, Beth.  She is an Artisan Cake Decorator and designs some of the coolest cakes and cupcakes.  (check out the other posts I've done on her amazing creations)  This batch (pun intended) of pictures are from some of the baked goodies she's made in the past, for friends and family.  I really like the homespun feel of some of the designs, they look like something I could pull-off in my kitchen and her snowmen are just downright adorable!

The poinsettia cupcakes have a real 60's vibe to me.  I love my poinsettias!  As a kid, I remember there always being poinsettias at Grandma Bunni's house during the Christmas holiday season ~ both real and plastic.  There were no realistic 'silk' flowers back then, just lots of fake-looking plastic ones.  I actually still have a few of her old decorations.  I've kept those that I have a soft-spot for, and they still come out every year. (if you look at my posts from last December 2011, you'll see some of them in the photos ~ You'll know'um when you sees'um :)  Some of the decorations are well over 50+ years old and they're still kicking. (gotta love plastic) 

Hope these pictures get you into the holiday baking mode. They do me, and I'm not even a baker!

Season's Greetings & Happy Holidays!

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