Vegetarian Chorizo & Egg Burrito ~ Meatless Monday

Vegetarian Chorizo & Egg Burrito ~ I really love the flavor of this vegetarian chorizo.  It gives you all the flavor & enjoyment of the traditional Mexican chorizo sausage, without all the guilt.  This amazing veggie chorizo is from Yves & it's vegan, too!

Vegetarian Chorizo & Egg Burrito ~ I found a REALLY tasty, vegetarian chorizo over at Whole Foods the other day.  It's called Yves Veggie Chorizo ~ and I'm hooked.  It has all the spiced, traditional chorizo sausage flavor & textures, as well as cooking in a recipe like the real thing.  It's made without all those things that might turn you off of eating chorizo. (if you have ever read the ingredient label on a package of real meat, Mexican chorizo sausage, you know what I mean :)  It's perfect for a Meatless Monday meal!

Cooking with this veggie chorizo is so fast & easy.  To make this breakfast burrito, just add the chorizo to your egg mixture & cook as you normally would.  The chorizo is already precooked, so you are just heating it up.  It combines with the eggs to make a fantastic egg & chorizo sausage scramble.

When the chorizo egg scramble is finished cooking, top with some of your favorite cheese(s).  I really like using a mozzarella soy cheese I get over at Trader Joe's, as well as a low fat dairy cheese blend I get at the market.  Wrap it all in your favorite burrito sized tortilla, along with some salsa or hot sauce & you are ready to eat a Mexican breakfast classic, only with a healthier vegetarian spin!  I'm going to try this veggie chorizo sausage in other Mexican recipes calling for chorizo, it's such an easy way to enjoy this healthier version of the classic Mexican sausage.  Enjoy!

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