Easy Colorful Desserts ~ Low-Fat treats, perfect for the 4th of July

Glorious 4th of July Shortcake~ store bought shortcake filled with blue jello, fresh raspberries, fat-free Cool Whip & drizzled with fat-free French vanilla creamer. (& maybe a bit of coconut rum, for the adults :)

The Fourth of July is almost here & man, is it hot!!  I'm not turning on the stove much at all, so making any dessert that requires baking is pretty much out of the question.  Instead, I've been buying ingredients that I can just assemble into quick & easy desserts.  So, here are some desserts that I've been making that would be perfect for celebrating the Fourth of July.  They star the patriotic colors of the day ~ without having to heat up the kitchen.  Here's to eating food using the tried & true colors of ~ red, white & blue ~ and to staying cool while making them!  Enjoy! 

Trio of Desserts ~ (L) Fresh Blueberries, Raspberries & Strawberries ~ spiked with coconut rum & French Vanilla Creamer.     (C) Patriotic Jello Parfait ~ blue jello, raspberries & Cool Whip.     (R) Yogurt & Fresh Fruit Breakfast Parfait ~ honey sweetened Greek yogurt, layered with fruit & granola.
Chocolate Raspberry Tart ~ chocolate tart shell filled with chocolate pudding & topped with Fat-Free Cool Whip & fresh raspberries.

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