Swedish Red Cabbage & Steamed Fruit Pudding ~ celebrating 12/26 the Swedish & English way

Swedish Red Cabbage with Roast Chicken & Cranberry Applesauce

God Jul!  (that's Merry Christmas in Swedish)   In Sweden, 12/26 is the celebration of the Feast of St. Stephen. (also known as the 2nd Day of Christmas)  Christmas celebrations in Sweden continue for quite some time after 12/25, J likes that idea.  He is not ready to let go of Christmas just yet.

December 26th is also a holiday in England ~  Boxing Day. What a great way to show J what kinds of foods our two families have been eating from Christmas's past.  So, we had some food from my Swedish heritage & Roy's English/Scottish one.  We still had some roasted chicken left over from yesterday's Christmas dinner, so I decided to make some Swedish Red Cabbage to go with it. (I had some red cabbage & apples lurking in the veggie/fruit bins in the fridge)  It didn't seem like leftovers at all.  Swedish Red Cabbage is a quick & tasty side dish, and it is such a pretty color, too. J wasn't quite sure about eating something that purple, but he came around.

Since we had something from my side Swedish side of the family for dinner, we needed to have some English treats for dessert.  English Steamed Pudding with Custard & Turkish Delights are about as English as you can get!  Celebrating with food from our families heritages is something I want J to experience.  Lucky for me he seems to like most of what he tries, especially if it is covered in custard...he's just like his Daddy.  :)

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