Janet's Homemade Fresh Fruit Spa Water ~ Meatless Monday

A few months ago my friend, Janet, shared a super looking photo/recipe for her homemade fruity spa water...it's her version of a 'healthy soft drink'.  It's a simple and colorful mix of fresh sliced fruit and mint that looks so refreshing and inviting.  Super easy to make and low calorie since you are getting the fruit flavor/essence from the soaked fruit slices, not actually from juicing the fruit. 

To make your own pitcher full, just wash and slice an  ~~ orange, tangerine, cucumber, lemon, lime, mint leaves (8-10), and then add all to a pitcher with 3 quarts of cold water.  Let the fruity spa water sit for a while, so all the fruit flavors can mingle...then enjoy your healthy 'soft drink' chilled.  As Janet says...this homemade stuff ROCKS!


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