Deep Green 'Full-of-Fiber' Fruit & Veggie Juice ~ how I make fresh juice with all the fiber...without having a Vitamix blender

I've been enjoying making fresh juice in my Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juicer for some time now.  I've shared some of those recipes on the blog,  as well as ways I use up the leftover pulp.  Waste not, want not.  If I had a Vitamix blender this wouldn't be an issue, it can turn all of the fruit and veggies into juice...with no leftover pulp at all.  But, since I don't have one, I decided to see if I could reincorporate the pulp back into the juice by using my blender after juicing. Happy to report ~ it works!!  

It might not be quite as smooth as a Vitamix created glass of juice, but for me it works out just fine...and there's no $400-$500 hit to my budget.  :)  The juice can be as thick or thin as you like, just add as much water or apple juice as you want. This is how I created the deep green beauty shown above...

Deep Green 'Full-of-Fiber' Fruit & Veggie Juice
~ made without a Vitamix blender
serves one

  • 1 small apple, seeds removed
  • 1 medium carrot
  • 1 celery stick
  • 1 handful washed spinach
  • 2 kale leaves with stems
  • 1/4 Meyer lemon, cut into slices, seeds removed
  • 1 'coin' slice of fresh ginger (or more, to taste)
  • 1 cup (or more) of cold water (or bottled apple juice)
  • stevia, maple syrup, or you favorite sweetener ~ optional
  • ice cubes
Process all fruit/veggies through the juicer.  Pour juice into the blender.  Take all (or less, your call) of the leftover fiber out of the juicer and add to the blender.  Add a cup of water (or apple juice) and blend on 'puree' (or highest setting) for a minute or until as smooth as it can get.  Add additional water/juice, if desired, to get the juice to a consistency you like.  Taste and add a little sweetener if needed/desired.  Serve fiber blended juice over ice.  Enjoy!

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