Jiffy Mix Cupcakes ~ super cheap & cheerful baked goodies!

Nothing beats a box of Jiffy cake mix for making a dozen cupcakes, they make for a super cheap and cheerful sweet baked treat.  And at only about 50 cents a box, you can't get more economical than that!  I decided to jazz up the basic yellow cupcake recipe with some vanilla extract, a dash of cinnamon and a few chocolate chips.  The cupcakes turned out good ~ but...I did not expect the chocolate chips to take the express elevator to the bottom of the cupcake batter.  They sunk right to the cupcake liner...Sigh... See what happens when this challenged baker starts to color outside the lines! :)

I found a can of white frosting hiding in the pantry (left over from Christmas baking), as well as some leftover Wall-E birthday cupcake liners (from a few years ago) ~ so these were truly cheap, quick and easy to throw together.  Making faces with more chocolate chips was a silly way to add more chocolate...more chocolate is always a plus in my opinion!  These little gems were just the right ending for the impromptu summer evening's barbecue we were invited to.

Good friends, playful kids, hot dogs, sausages, homegrown salads, drinks, cherry pie, cupcakes, a sultry summer evening with fireflies lighting up the night...all the things that make summertime so special.


  1. If you toss the chocolate chips with a little of the dry cake mix before adding them to the batter, they will "stick" in place, throughout the cupcakes,

    1. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll try that next time! :)


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