No-Bake Cool Summer Pies

I'm a big fan of no-bake pies and so is my family.  I usually get the inspiration to make one from the back of the Jello gelatin and pudding boxes,  Knox Gelatin boxes, the ready made graham cracker pie crust labels, some of Grandma Bunni's old 1960's cookbooks /recipe pamphlets and from surfing the 'Net.  Sometimes I follow the directions and sometimes I improvise and add my own spin.  It's all good!

I also find a lot of fun, old-time recipes from church and school fundraiser cookbooks.  Now that summer is here, we'll be enjoying a lot more of these quick and easy desserts.  I make them with low-fat ingredients and either sugar-free or regular, depending on what boxes of Jello or pudding that I have on hand.

Time to start searching for the next no-bake, cool and creamy treat ~ Let the desserts of summer begin!



  1. Hi! These look great!... I am wondering if you posted a recipe for them and I am not seeing it or if these are just a suggestion.

    1. Hi! These are just pictures of desserts I've made following (or sorta following) the 'pie' recipes/directions on the back of the Jello/pudding/Knox gelatin/ready-made crust/Cool Whip containers. I improvise a lot when I make these, maybe adding some fruit, jam or extra crusted cookies to the mix. Really, whatever happens to be hanging around the pantry or fridge and that needs using up. So, in a nut shell ~ yes, these pictures are just suggestions. :) Have fun looking around for a recipe that trips your trigger & inspires you to make a no-bake pie, that's what the right recipe does to me. Cheers!

  2. Great...thanks!

  3. Great! Thanks!


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