Apple Mug Muffin ~ ready in 2 minutes

This evening, I was looking around on Pinterest and saw a pin for this recipe, that came from the blog ~ Civilized Caveman.  It was for an ~ Apple Mug Muffin ~ a quick microwave recipe that's ready in 2 minutes.  The photo looked good, it was for a single serving, the recipe was gluten-free, there was no added refined sugar, it said it was good for breakfast or dessert, I was hungry and I had most of the, off to the kitchen I went.

I did make a couple of substitutions ~ replacing 1/2 the coconut oil (I actually used melted Olivio Coconut Oil Spread) with unsweetened applesauce (to make it a little lower in fat); honey for the maple syrup (all outta maple syrup); chopped walnuts/cinnamon for the 'streusel topping' (couldn't be bothered to chop that little bit of apple); and I nuked it in a custard cup instead of a mug (just 'cause I felt like it...shoulda used the mug :) .  The resulting 'muffin' was surprisingly good, with a subtle sweetness and flavor.  To me, it had more of a substantial cooked 'egg custard' feel to it.  I'm a fan of that 'egg-y custard' flavor, so it was right up my alley.  Since it uses almond meal instead of flour, it has a denseness that you wouldn't get from a regular microwave-in-a-cup muffin.  I think it would make a quick and tasty breakfast...but for tonight, it was my dessert.  Yup, real-time cooking in my kitchen!  Now, I need to eat dinner ~ tonight was one of those eat-dessert-first kinda evenings.  teehee



  1. Is there a way I could do these in the oven? I don't use a microwave. They look yummy.

    1. If you following the recipe link that I have provided in the post, it will take you to the ~ Civilized Caveman ~ blog, where he has instructions for making these in the oven. :)


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