Mince & Tatties ~ a favorite Scottish meal

Mince & Tatties ~ a classic Scottish dish that is super easy to make & budget friendly.  A dinner that is perfect for the whole family to enjoy!

My sister-in-law, June, who lives up in Scotland, sent me a package recently.  It had a new cookbook in it, as well as one of her old cookbooks that she has had for years.  I am so thrilled to get them, I just love reading cookbooks!  I read them like other people read novels.  I especially love reading cookbooks from other countries, their cuisines can be so exotic ~ or simple, yet familiar.  It's one of my favorite ways to armchair/kitchen travel ~ I do so love my culinary travels.  :)

June & Ian ~ my sister-in-law & her husband ~ on their honeymoon. :)

What I like best about getting old cookbooks is seeing if there are any notations or comments in them ~ it's so cool to momentarily step back into someone else's kitchen & see what they thought or did, from days gone by.  It's a bit like being a Nosey Parker, without worrying about getting caught.  heehee   After reading through my new cookbooks, I decided to make a favorite of Roy's ~ Mince & Tatties.  It's a simple dish that's a favorite in both Scotland & England.  It's a budget friendly meal, that's super easy to prepare & it lets us enjoy a comforting, family favorite in no time at all.

Mince & Tatties                                                

You fry up the mince (hamburger), then add ~ diced, sauteed onion & carrots ~ to the cooked mince.  Add your favorite beef gravy, a few spices ~ (if you like)  & then you simmer it all together for about 20 minutes.  Serve it with tatties (mashed potatoes) & tinned (canned) peas.  (Roy LOVES his tinned peas :) 

When I make this dish, I use extra lean hamburger & Bisto Beef Gravy.  I make the tatties while the mince is simmering & serve the peas on the side.  ((but you could add the peas to the cooked mince just before serving if you like))  If you don't have Bisto gravy, you could make your own beef gravy or use your favorite jarred gravy.  I like my tatties (mashed potatoes) with the skins on, but you can peel them before cooking/mashing if you prefer.

If you want a traditional Scottish recipe for Mince & Tatties, check out this recipe here.

Or, if you like, here is a cool clip from a Scottish cooking show, showing how easy it is to make  Mince & Tatties.

Thank you ever so much for my new cookbooks, June!!   I just love them!  We will have a grand time making more Scottish recipes in the months to come.  We might not all be able to be in the same kitchen, at the same time ~ but sharing your recipes with me is the next best thing!  You're awesome!  xoxo

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