Baked Cod with Summer Vegetables ~ Fish Friday

Baked Cod with Summer Vegetables ~ a tasty recipe from Whole Foods Market.

This is another quick & easy meal that was recently featured in our local paper.  The recipe for Baked Cod with Summer Vegetables is from Whole Foods Market.  It's full of robust Mediterranean flavors & makes a low carb, satisfying summer meal.  The recipe is quick & easy to throw together, then you just pop it into the oven.  I added some Old Bay Seasonings, as well as some onion powder ~ just to up the flavors a bit. 

The fish took a little longer to cook than the recipe called for, but it was worth the wait.  I served the fish with a spoon instead of a fork because the juices that were left in the pan really added to the overall enjoyment of the dish.  The fish & veggies turn out tender & moist and had me looking for more...  :)  If you are looking for unusual ways to prepare your fish, give this tasty recipe a try ~ I'm sure glad I did!

Serve it with a spoon, so you can get some of the flavorful broth with every bite.

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