Eggs for Breakfast ~ Low Fat / Low Carb Meals

Here are some of my favorite breakfast egg dishes that are not only low carb, but are also low fat.  I usually just use some Pam (& sometimes a little V8 juice) in my skillet or omelet pan when I am cooking eggs.  I've been adding veggies instead of potatoes, to keep the breakfasts low carb.  Some of my favorite side veggies to eat with breakfast are: cauliflower, spinach & squash.  If I do decide to add toast, it will be a whole grain type.

I think any of these meals would work as a quick meal, anytime of day.     Enjoy!     

Creamy Eggs ~ This is one of our favorite breakfasts. I take the eggs off the heat just before they get 'dry & set'.  This gives them the 'creamy' taste we love, without having to add any additional fat.  I have been adding veggies instead of potatoes to keep it low carb.
Eggs In Purgatory (Uova in Purgatorio) with Sprouted Wheat Toast ~ From the Sopranos Family Cookbook. What a hoot of a cookbook, I just love it!  I bought it for $1 at the local library's used book sale. It was a $ well spent!  I'll be making lots more recipes from this cookbook.
Basted Eggs & Sauteed Swiss Chard ~ This is very similar to the Eggs in Purgatory, but instead of using tomatoes, I saute chopped Swiss chard over a medium heat until it is almost done, then I add the eggs, some bacon bits,  a little water (to make some steam) & then cover the pan until the eggs are done to my liking.  (usually with a runny center)  Super easy to make.

Basted Eggs with Spinach ~  Just change up the veggie you are cooking the eggs in & the dish has a whole new taste.
Classic French Omelet ~ Stuffed with sauteed mushrooms, spinach & red bell pepper, using a bit of Pam & V8 juice in the pan.  A little tricky to roll just right, but worth the effort.

Boiled Eggs ~ This has to be one of the most basic ways to eat eggs.  I love using my egg timer for boiling eggs, it takes all the guess work out of it.  Soft, medium or hard boiled?  Just tell me what you want & I'll fish it out when it's ready.  Gotta love that!

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