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I'm so happy to be able to share photos of some of the incredible, edible custom cake & cupcake creations that my friend, Beth, designs & sculpts/creates by hand.  She is an amazing Artisan Cake Decorator. 

I'm also showcasing a post I did about a new local cupcake shop that I'm just over-the-moon about!  It's called SugarBean Cupcakes and they are amazing!  I can stop by and pick up one (or a dozen) of their tempting flavors, whenever I'm in the mood for a decadent cupcake treat!

So, stop by often to take a second peek at these beautiful, sweet treats!  I'll keep adding new pictures/posts to the top of the 'picture pile'.  Enjoy all the pretty pictures of sweet-to-eat treats!

~ If you want to reread my comments as well as look at the pictures, just click on the post title (above each set of photos) & it will link you back to the original post ~

Posts about ~ SugarBean Cupcakes

SugarBean Cupcakes ~ Gourmet artisan cupcakes & treats, all wrapped up in Midwest small town charm
originally posted 4/10/2013

Posts about ~ Beth's Cake Creations

Christmas Cookies
originally posted 12/25/12

Homespun Christmas Holiday Cupcakes ~ Beth's Cake Creations ~ Guest Post
originally posted 11/23/12

Steampunk Fantasy Cakes ~ Beth's Cake Creations ~ Guest Post
originally posted 11/02/2012

Celebration Party Cakes ~ Beth's Cake Creations ~ Guest Post
originally posted 09/15/2012

originally posted 08/16/2012

originally posted 08/04/2012


  1. She is such a talented cake/cupcake designer. They all look absolutely beautiful! I would love to be able to take a bite!


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