Quick & Easy Eggs Benedict with Asparagus ~ Low Cal, Lowfat & Low Carb

Quick & Easy Eggs Benedict with Asparagus ~ Low Cal, Lowfat & Low Carb

A friend of mine just gave me a carton of fresh, brown eggs.  She recently started raising chickens in her backyard & 'the girls' are now all grown-up & have just started laying.  Major score!!  Nothing is better than 'fresh from the backyard' eggs.  Happy chickens = really tasty eggs.

Since I have fresh eggs & just bought some beautiful spring asparagus at the market, I decided making Eggs Benedict was in order. I am the only one here this morning, so I decided on a simple version that wouldn't take too long to make & that would be lowfat, low cal & low carb.

Here is what I just had for my late breakfast ~ this is truly real-time Watching What I Eat.   :)

Quick & Easy Eggs Benedict ~ Lowfat, Low Cal & Low Carb
serves one

1             fresh egg
1 piece    low carb toast    (I love Healthy Life Bread -
                                            5 net carb/35 cal per slice)     
2 slices    thin sliced ham   (I love Land'o'Frost Brown Sugar Ham)

6 spears  asparagus    (the thinner the better, for tenderness)

'Mock Hollandaise Sauce'
1 tsp       low cal margarine
1/8 tsp    lemon juice
pinch       turmeric
2 tsp        lowfat mayo (I only use Hellmans/Best Foods)

~             Pam, spray oil
~             salt & pepper, to taste

The steam cooks the top of the egg so you don't have to flip it over

1)   toast the bread & cut off the edges, set aside until ready to assemble

2)   steam asparagus in microwave for 1 1/2 minutes, keep warm until ready
       to assemble

3)   heat ham in skillet, keep warm until ready to assemble

4)   add egg to med/hot nonstick skillet, sprayed with Pam ~
      after about a minute add a little hot water to the skillet & cover with lid ~
      the water/steam will start to cook the top of the egg so you won't have
      to flip the egg ~ continue cooking to desired firmness

5)   right before egg is done, nuke the margarine, lemon juice & turmeric until
      margarine is melted, add mayo to melted margarine mixture & blend
      until smooth

6)   start layering ingredients in this order ~ toast, ham, egg, asparagus,
      Mock Hollandaise, salt & pepper to taste


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